United States constitutional scholar, Alan Dershowitz, believes that the removal of Confederate statues throughout the country will ultimately lead America down a ‘dangerous’ path.

Dershowitz went as far as to compare the liberal agenda for the removal of historical status to that of the Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Trying to remove history in order to revise the past is futile and Alan Dershowitz believes that liberal America’s attempt at Stalinism, in regards to Stalin’s removal of historical statues in Russia, will ultimately lead to a similar outcome that Russians experienced during World War 1. Devastation.Alan Dershowitz

Trying to rewrite the past has never been known as a successful plan and removing statues that not only have historical value but also represent racial appeasement and acceptance will only stunt the progression of the country in terms of racism and segregation. The Confederate statues in question such as the image of Robert E.Lee were erected in the name of peace and progress, Robert E. Lee may have been a slave owner but Democrats refuse to acknowledge the fact that Lee freed his slaves and attempted to repair the wounds caused by the Civil War and slavery.

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Via Breitbart:

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz likened the push to take down statues of some historical figures posed “a danger.”

Dershowitz urged to use the statue push as “an educational moment” and likened the efforts underway to what Russian dictator Joseph Stalin had done in his rise to power.

“Of course there’s a danger of going too far. There’s a danger removing Washington and Jefferson and other of our founding fathers who themselves owned slaves. Look, we have to use this as an educational moment. We have to take some of the statues that were put up more recently, for example, during the Civil Rights Movement and perhaps move them to museums where they can be used to teach young students about how statues are intended sometimes for bad purposes, to glorify negatives and to hold back positive developments.”

“But the idea of willy-nilly going through and doing what Stalin did: just erasing history and re-writing it to serve current purposes, does pose a danger, and it poses a danger of educational malpractice, of missing opportunities to educate people, and of going too far,” he added.

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