The Democratic Party has been trying so many different tactics against people in the Trump Administration to try and derail anything that President Trump that it isn’t even funny.

It’s honestly surprising that they haven’t tried the banana in the tailpipe thing from Beverly Hills Cop at this point.

The point is, they are going with everything in their playbook. If they can’t find something that’s true on someone they will just make something up.

And there’s nothing like a good legal nuisance to tie someone up and keep them from being focused on their job.

Sarah Sanders may be facing legal charges from the Democratic Party for her defense of President Trump that happened to disparage against former FBI director James Comey’s character.

Sarah Sanders was recently asked by a reporter what exactly James Comey did wrong, she answered.

Now her answer is being viewed as intentionally diminishing Comey’s credibility.

So what you’re saying is that she shouldn’t have answered at all because the question was a clear set up. Talk about liberal values hard at work.

Via Daily insider: “What exactly did James Comey do that was illegal?”

Reported by IJR: Sanders has implied that Comey might have broken the law by releasing documents to the press that he made as FBI director. In a press briefing last week, Sanders said: “The memos that Comey leaked were created on an FBI computer while he was the director. He claims they were private property. They clearly followed the protocol of an official FBI document. Leaking FBI memos on a sensitive case, regardless of classification, violates federal laws, including the Privacy Act, standard FBI employment agreement, and non-disclosure agreement all personnel must sign. I think that is pretty clean and clear that that would be a violation.”

White House press secretary openly tries to undermine Comey’s credibility while he remains at the center of a federal investigation into possible obstruction of justice by Trump and his team.

That’s why the White House thinks Sanders may be headed for legal trouble.

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