Sanctuary City Ignored ICE, Releases Illegal Alien Who Then Kills His Girlfriend

Because of California Sanctuary cities’ protection of CRIMINAL illegal aliens, many crimes that could absolutely be prevented… keep on happening!

Why liberals have gone to the extreme of protecting criminals is beyond me.

These aren’t innocent little families who are trying to make a living; these are cold hard criminals, murderers, who need to be sent back to their country to be dealt with there.

Here is more proof that Sanctuary cities need to be SHUT DOWN. They have continuously failed to cooperate with ICE officials….and another woman just lost her life because of it.

Sanctuary city

IJR| ICE contacted the police department asking to notify the agency when Estrada-Margos was scheduled to be released, but the police released Estrada-Margos after he posted the required $30,000 bail on August 3. According to reports, the police department failed to notify ICE agents.

Just two weeks later, on August 18, Estrada-Margos turned himself in for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death after a heated argument. A Sonoma County jail is currently holding Estrada-Margos on charges of murder and domestic violence.

Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano is now shifting the blame by telling local media outlets misleading stories and blaming ICE. Giordano stated, “We did notify ICE of his release date and time. Sometimes they pick up, sometimes they don’t,” according to KTVU.

The Daily Caller pointed out the problem with that:

What Giordano did not tell reporters was that Sonoma County gave ICE officials only 16 minutes to travel over 60 miles to pick up Estrada-Margos before releasing him from custody – a distance that according to Google Maps can take 90 minutes to travel.

This is incredibly sad for the families involved. The city needs to be sued for the death of the woman and held responsible for all other crimes that have been committed by immigrants who were supposed to be deported. Those officials have blood on their hands and how they can sleep at night knowing this was preventable, I do not know.

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This needs to end!