Throughout his eight years in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that he has no respect for the U.S. military. Donald Trump combated this during his presidential campaign by making the military a priority, which is partly why millions of people got behind him.

Now, Navy Admiral Jonathan T. Gilliam has written an oped for Right Wing News in which he explained why Trump will be way better for our country than Obama was when it comes to the military. This piece is sure to remind you that you made the right choice in voting Trump into office:

Tuesday’s speeches by Obama and Trump were perhaps the greatest examples to highlight the contrast between their leadership styles: President Barack H. Obama’s strategic avoidance vs President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s strategic forward thinking.

The tone and content of each speech perfectly displayed not only their opposing leadership stances, but also the defining differences between the DNC and the RNC.

This is an important comparison as it reaffirmed the tone and strategy for the Trump’s administration’s approach toward leadership of the country going forward while it blatantly identified Obama’s liberal and well-hidden, calculated technique of avoiding deep commitments to large conflicts, both domestically and globally, by solely performing random, tactical missions.

When faced with large domestic and international issues, such as cleaning up and rebuilding America’s inner cities and closing the gap between Law Enforcement and citizens, or facing the stark reality of Islamic Fundamentalism and its quest for global domination, Obama consistently avoided strategic solutions that encompassed overall strategies to win.

Every single major issue that the Obama administration faced over the past 8 years continues to exist today, having only been bandaged with tactical flurries instead of handled by strategic responses.

Although I’m not completely content with the political choices for President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s cabinet, I do find most of his choices to exhibit the same focus he has for strategic solutions and mission success. Trump has repeatedly displayed this focus within his speeches and in his meetings with business and world leaders, all before he has even taken office.

One thing is clear: Obama and Trump couldn’t be more different in their styles of approaching major issues that face the United States.

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  1. Som Chatterji

    The points made are true. America has been failed for long. A leader who avoids decision is no leader at all.


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