Rush Points Out the Moment During Trump’s China Trip That ‘Not A Single Network’ Televised

Mainstream media outlets absolutely refuse to report on any of the positive aspects of President Trump’s current visit to Asia and Rush Limbaugh is calling them out.

Currently President Trump and First Lady Melania are on a twelve day trip around Asia where they are expected to visit several foreign countries in the area. Landing in China the two received a royal welcome that included a red carpet exit from Air Force One that was lined with hundreds of Chinese children anxiously waving flags at the American President. What seems to have gone completely unnoticed or mentioned by liberal media outlets is the fact that these Chinese children are waving BOTH Chinese and American flags. Isn’t interesting that the American flag is under attack on American soil yet proudly waved on foreign?

Via Western Journal:

Rush Limbaugh uploaded a photo to his Facebook page on Thursday of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump after they had exited Air Force One.

Rush Limbaugh

The photo shows the two being greeted by several children who can be seen waving both Chinese and American flags.

Limbaugh said the mainstream media has largely refused to show the photo, which shows the the president and first lady visibly happy to have received the warm welcome in China.

Rush Limbaugh

“There’s not a single network that televised all of the Chinese children waving American flags to welcome President Trump,” Limbaugh wrote.

Liberals claim foreign leaders despise President Trump yet actions speak louder than words and the actual actions of foreign leaders prove anything but.