When you are supposed to be on the same team with someone you stick by that person no matter what.

Just take a look at what is going on with people like Mitt Romney. You have to wonder at the end of the day if he was ever a Republican at all.

I mean, it’s no wonder he didn’t win in 2012, there was already one Democrat running.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah has already voted in the 2020 election, and like in 2016, the former GOP presidential nominee did not vote for President Donald Trump, according to a report.

CNN’s Manu Raju posted on Twitter that he had a brief conversation with Romney on Wednesday in which the former Massachusetts governor disclosed he voted early.

Romney told the CNN reporter he had already cast a ballot, but did not disclose which candidate he voted for, other than to say he ruled out one man on the ballot.

“I did not vote for President Trump,” he said, per Raju.

The report, if true, would come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Romney’s strained relationship with both Trump and his GOP colleagues in the Senate.

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