San Antonio’s Robert E. Lee High School to Change Name

Confederate controversy continues as Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas unanimously votes to change the name of their school.

Alt-left bullying has sparked racial division throughout the country after the Pro-confederate rally in Charlottesville, Virginia ended in a fatal collision. According to the extreme Left Activists group known as Antifa, Confederate Monuments are offensive in nature because they represent slavery and slave owners even though they were erected in the name of peace and acceptance. Liberals don’t care about past progress as long as their violent behavior results in the outcome they are pushing for, segregation.

Democrats may claim that their agenda includes racial acceptance and that might be true, unless you are white in which case you’ll be called out for every past offense ever made in the name of ‘White Supremacy.’ Seems racist doesn’t it?

Via Fox News:

The school board of Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas, voted to change its name in the face of increasing pressure after the Charlottesville riots.

The entire board voted for the change, compared to a 5-2 vote to keep the name in 2015.

The school got rid of the Confederate flag in 1991. A petition for changing the school’s name was backed by 12,000 people.

One group, SATX4, lobbied for the name change as well as the removal of Travis Park’s Confederate monument in downtown San Antonio.

“The Confederacy cannot and should not be whitewashed,” the group stated. “The idea that Robert E. Lee is part of a history that cannot be erased must be defeated. This stops today.”

Students hugged and some cried after the board approved the change.

Robert E. Lee High School


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