Funny Thing Happened When This Bank Robbery Suspect Applied For A Job With The Police…

There are some people in life that all you can do is pray for them when you hear about a horrifically ignorant choice that they make. Some folks just due to their natural disposition wouldn’t exactly be good poker players.

For example, there was a job that I worked around the time that I got out of the military where one of the requirements for employment was that you take a drug test. It was a simple pee in a cup sort of test that they could do on site at the plant and tell you the results like five minutes later.

Before the test they would ask you to hand them over a five dollar bill. The money was a security deposit of sorts on the cost of the test and if you passed they handed you the money back that same day.

If you failed, they sent you home and kept the money. There were people that I personally witness walk out without saying a word the second they heard that if they showed positive on the test they wouldn’t get their five dollars back. Why didn’t they just walk in wearing a sign that says “I’m on drugs.”

An Arizona man accused of stealing money from a bank he worked at was arrested Thursday after applying for a job as a police dispatcher.

USA Today reports that the Cottonwood Police Department arrested Alberto Saavedra Lopez, 32, and charged him with felony theft January 4 after he arrived at the station for his “interview.”

Police say Lopez allegedly stole $5,000 from the Bank of America where he had been employed between July and September 2016, KMOV reports.

Bank of America reported the alleged theft in October 2016. Shortly after the alleged theft took place, police say Lopez moved to Phoenix and avoided investigators’ phone calls and appointments.

In December 2017, police said Lopez applied for a job with the Cottonwood Police Department as a dispatcher. When officials conducted a background check on Lopez, they found there was a warrant for his arrest, KSAZ reported.

Officers, who had probable cause to arrest Lopez, contacted him and asked him to come in for an “interview” at the police station.

Once Lopez arrived, police arrested him on suspicion of bank theft. As for the job, Lopez is “out of the running” and did not get a call back about the position, police said.

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