Liberals are furious that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, had the audacity to cut obsolete and irrelevant positions that their precious Obama allowed to multiply during his eight year reign.

The American economy is one of the most crucial aspects surrounding the country’s ability to be a world power and democrats would happily hemorrhage millions in the name of environmental rights, diplomacy, and ultimately providing overpaid jobs to liberal America.

Rex Tillerson

President Trump is a skilled businessman whose campaign promises included the proper restructuring of the country’s financial budget, namely claiming that renegotiating of several American expenses as well as deflating the over paid political positions currently being held by some top politicians would help remove some of the mass debt the country has accrued.

Keeping  true to his word, President Trump nominated Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, and Tillerson has been cracking down on unnecessary expenditures created during the Obama administration

Via Liberty Writers:

The State Department has “special envoys,” many of which are out of date and/or obsolete. And these wasteful positions multiplied while Obama was POTUS.

For example, there’s still a special envoy for the Six-Party talks. They were talks to try to convince North Korea to give up their nukes.

No such talks have occurred in nearly a decade. Just saying.

Then there’s the “special envoy for conflict diamonds.”

And the “personal representative for Northern Ireland issues.”

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Democrats have been a huge financial burden on America for a countless number of offenses, however to aimlessly creat jobs for absolutely no reason other than the justification of a crooked paycheck is the exact reason America decided not to vote for another polished Democrat. They offer nothing but more of the same crap we’ve been dealing with for almost a decade and the time for change is now.

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