REVEALED: How Much They REALLY Made From The Vaccines!

When COVID started, the world cried for vaccines and by the time it came, politics have persuaded the entire idea of the vaccines.

I mean, it’s happening right now.

Governments around the world have been heavily enforcing COVID-19 vaccinations while the experts claim that these jabs are experimental. Meanwhile, more vaccinated people are occupying hospital beds because of COVID.

It does not make any sense until pharmaceutical companies have been seeing a huge impact on sales revenue and that’s when the PLANdemic eventually started.

When there is money, Government will do anything to get tax money, right? Trump has previously said it, these vaccines are a money-making scheme. Why?

When you take the 1st doze, you get the 2nd…then boosters every six months until you die eventually I guess?

Recently, Prizer has released a revenue report from their COVID-19 Vaccines and the amount will surely blow your mind out.

36 billion dollars from the Covid-19 vaccine alone in 1 year. Wow, it’s just wow.

With the huge amount of revenue and cycle of the vaccination, people get leery if it’s really about health and safety or just PLANde business?

The vaccination program might just be the biggest scam. After all, it’s on us.

The Guardian reported:

The US drugmaker’s overall revenues in 2021 doubled to $81.3bn, and it expects to make record revenues of $98bn to $102bn this year.

The bumper sales prompted accusations from campaigners of “pandemic profiteering”. The group Global Justice Now said the annual revenue of $81bn was more than the GDP of most countries and accused Pfizer of “ripping off public health systems”.

The Covid jab Comirnaty, which the New-York based pharma firm developed with the much smaller German company BioNTech, brought in $12.5bn in revenues in the final quarter of 2021, taking the total for the year to $36.8bn. Pfizer said it had exceeded its target of manufacturing 3bn doses of the vaccine last year.

The drugmaker made a net profit of nearly $22bn last year, up from $9.1bn in 2020. It increased its 2022 estimate for Comirnaty sales to $32bn and expects Paxlovid to contribute $22bn in revenues.

The pill, which boasts nearly 90% success in preventing severe illness among vulnerable adults if taken soon after becoming infected with Covid-19, was approved for emergency use by the US regulator in late December.

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