One of the things that I like about working from a home office is that it cuts out the chances that I will die in a work-related accident.

That being said, there were plenty of times that I was able to barely get home from work alive when I was in the military and in many other jobs.

It is why we have to treasure every moment we have because one wrong move and it could be all over.

Just when you thought that 2020 was weird, and the 2020 Presidential election was a time bomb, and the state of Georgia was a battleground, everything just got far more intense and strange.

Ahead of President Donald J. Trump going down to Valdosta Georgia, a town in the deep southern part of the state near the Florida and Georgia line on Saturday to support Republican candidates, the tragic news hit social media that a staffer for the Republican who faces a runoff challenge in early January 2021 was killed in an accident on Friday.

Republican Kelly Loeffler’s campaign office issued a statement, that Harrison Deal was killed.

Republican doug Collins made the announcement today to a crowd of Republicans.

Loeffler also posted on Twitter:

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Harrison Deal. My heart aches for his family, and Jeff and I will continue to surround them in love and prayer in the days ahead. Harrison was a beloved member of our campaign team.

More importantly, Harrison was a smart, bright, loving, loyal and outstanding young man. Harrison embodied the very best of this campaign – and the very best of our state.

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