These patriots already suffered a lot, yet DC jail continues to torture them phisically and mentally. These God and Country loving Americans don’t deserve it.

Meanwhile, the crooked members of the press and in Congress are silent. This is not America!

It’s been four months since former Vice President Mike Pence dropped his cape and let the world see his real Deep State colors.

Americans were in Washington DC to see the President and to watch as the Vice President finally called the insane, criminal and corrupt election what it was. But instead, while the President was talking, Pence showed who he really is.

Pence showed his colors while the President was still speaking, and the goons at the Capitol related to Antifa and BLM began doing what they do best, destroying property and instigating violent acts.

We’ve even identified fascists from Ukraine at the Capitol that day.

But America’s inept and horribly corrupt and dishonest DOJ claims no evidence that Antifa and BLM were there.

A crowd estimated at over a million walked away from the President’s speech after he told them to go peacefully. Some walked to the Capitol but the majority went to their rooms or autos or someplace to warm up. They never made it to the Capitol. It was freezing that day in DC and many were cold and disgusted with Pence and Congress.

Unfortunately, the Capitol protesters came unglued. Phone calls and pictures were captured and the DOJ gathered evidence to support a case of violence against the people at the Capitol who might have been invited into the Capitol by police, walked around, and then walked out.

Even good individuals who never entered the Capitol are now being targeted.

The entire country was a victim that day. A stolen election was certified by weak, corrupt, and ignorant politicians in the US Capitol, and ironically many good, innocent Americans were framed as insurrectionists.

Since then individuals at the Capitol have been singled out and targeted by this decade’s totally unjust and politicized Justice Department. While good Americans were hunted down like mass murderers, BLM and Antifa members were given gifts and have had their records sealed for the violence, destruction, and looting they caused in 2020 across America.

Now we find out that the Americans arrested from that day are being beaten and tortured in DC jails. Inmates who were at the Capitol on January 6th are being tortured and placed in solitary confinement. The DOJ hopes to break them to admit to crimes they never committed. Like Paul Manafort, these people are being tortured with solitary confinement and more.

Others have been beaten in the DC jail.

This is not America. This is not the country we grew up in. It’s time that real criminals and dirty cops to be brought to justice. This has gone on for too long.

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