One of the things that people need to realize is that there is generally more than one way to do something.

When it comes right down to it, you have people that simply want to allow a stolen election to go all of the way through the process without hitting all of the checkpoints to make sure that things were done right.

The election was stolen but luckily, we still have time to keep things from going wrong and for Joe Bide to totally screw the country up. It is getting to the point where we have one last hope, one last person that can make this right.

At the start of the January 6 Joint Session of Congress, Vice President Mike Pence will preside according to his Constitutional duty as President of the Senate.

According to analysis by the American Thinker, at this time, Mike Pence’s “power will be plenary and unappealable… As president of the Senate, every objection comes directly to him, and he can rule any objection ‘out of order’ or ‘denied.’ His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed.  This is a high standard of performance, and V.P. Pence will have two choices.  He can roll over on ‘certified’ electors, or he can uphold the law.”

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution gives state legislatures “plenary authority.” This power was reinforced in Bush v. Gore. Counting of votes is discussed in Article II, as well as the 12th Amendment and 3 USC 15.

The contested battleground states of Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania have all sent dueling slates of electors to D.C., with the state legislatures sending electors for President Trump, and the governors or secretaries of state sending electors for Joe Biden. Mike Pence now has to decide how he will handle the situation, as two sealed envelopes will be given to him from each of these state.

The analysis points to multiple historical examples, including that “in 1800, even with constitutional deficiencies in Georgia, Thomas Jefferson blithely counted defective electoral votes from Georgia, effectively voting himself into the presidency.  This demonstrates that the president of the Senate is the final authority on any motions or objections during the vote-counting.  There is no appeal.”

The report also notes the rules surrounding elections, and that these seven contested states violated their own election laws.

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