The rapper XXXTentacion, who made the very disturbing racist music video depicting a white teacher being killed and a white child being hung, got knocked out cold on stage!Rapper gets knocked out

If only this video was of a time after that deeply disturbing music video he released was out, then I could say this guy really deserved that. Who am I kidding, he deserved it anyways. The rapper has a history of domestic abuse with his pregnant girlfriend before he ever even made the racist music video. So let’s all take a moment to enjoy the random person who jumped on stage and KO’d this sorry excuse for a man.

100 Percent Fed Up|Video from June showed the raper XXXTentacion got sucker punched onstage and knocked out cold during his show in San Diego … which turned into an all-out brawl that left one person stabbed.

The video of the attack is insane — XXX was up on the mic performing Wednesday night when the attacker socked him out of nowhere. Security scrambled and beat the piss out of the unidentified puncher.

Rapper gets knocked outWhile all the attention was on the nasty rapper who got knocked out, the person who cold-cocked him on stage was pummeled by security. Is it part of the security detail’s job to mob beat anyone who harms the performer they’ve been hired to protect, or is it their job to capture and detain him until the proper authorities have arrived?

Let’s hope this guy who jumped on stage and gave this disgusting rapper a little dose of karma has a good lawyer because he needs to sue those security guards for using excessive force…

Ummm, is it normal when the idiot got hit that the singing continues? wasn’t he supposed to sing or was it lip sync night? Funny how the KO didn’t stop the music.  Real talented artist here. Sadly, I don’t feel sorry for him either. It was a cheap shot but… Karma. 

His security team got that guy down and gave him a good beating rather than subduing him. What a double standard for the security team versus the police teams that have to deal with this stuff everyday. God forbid a crew of police officers beat a black guy like this, the protests would never end. Ah, hypocrisy.

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