Rand Paul Has a Great Idea For Pelosi, Who Won’t Hold SOTU in the House, ‘Let’s Hold It in the Senate’.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote President Trump to rescind her invitation for him to address Congress on January 29th, Sen. Rand Paul suggested the President hold it in the Senate instead.

Pelosi asked President Trump to either push the date forward or provide the Union address in written form.

Pelosi claimed that her reasons for wanting to push the Union Address forward was because of the government shutdown and “security concerns.” Several liberal media outlets threw cold water on those claims.

Read Pelosi’s letter below:

Rand Paul told Fox & Friends that Pelosi’s recommendations to the President is a “real affront to the American people.”

Then the Republican Senator suggested that the State of the Union, that is traditionally held in The House, be held in the Senate instead.

“What I would suggest is — Senator McConnell’s in charge of the Senate; let’s host it in the Senate. This would be the first time in history that the House would deny the president the forum of speaking. If she’s going to do that, let’s hold it in the Senate,” Paul said.

The Senator confirmed his idea through his Twitter:


I think this is a great idea! Forget Pelosi and her dubious decision, hold it in the Senate!

What do you think?

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