Vladimir Putin: Collusion Conspiracy Was Invented by Democrats Self Destructing Their Own County…

One thing that you would have never been able to do in the Clinton or Obama era of the Presidency is see them just sit down and let people ask them questions. That is honestly one of the things that President Trump being so active on Twitter and social media that you can get an answer to just about any question.

Some world leaders don’t give a hoot what the public thinks of them and wouldn’t answer a question if their life depended on it.

That being said, if Hillary Clinton got elected last year instead of President Trump we would have likely been subjected to the biggest media blackout in terms of the Presidency that our nation has ever seen.

Yet the Democratic party tried to demonize Donald Trump at every chance they get by trying to say that he colluded with the Russian government to win the election, however it has been proven time and time again that the only contact was after the election when President-Elect Trump was effectively in the process of setting up a government.

Think of it this way, if you were going to move across country you would plan for months. You would sit and find good movers that fit your budget, you would begin boxing up all your belongings months in advance, if you have children you would research the schools in the area you would be moving to.

You wouldn’t just wake up one morning and try to get all that stuff done by noon. That’s what Democrats must have wanted President Trump to do and because he didn’t do that they are having a fit.

Hell, the closest thing to Russian collusion was the Democratic Party authorizing the drafting of that ridiculous dossier.

Russian President Putin held an annual pre-Christmas question and answer session today in Moscow.

The Russian President told reporters Trump’s opponents harm the United States with “invented” Russia scandal. The question and answer session can last up to three hours.

Democrats don’t care that their attempted coup is hurting the country.

They only want to destroy Trump and if America is collateral damage, so be it.

Breitbart.com reported: Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the ongoing investigations into the possibility that President Donald Trump’s campaign “colluded” with the Russians.

“That’s been invented by those that are in the opposition, people who oppose President Trump to delegitimize his time in office,” Putin replied to ABC News reporter Terry Moran during a press conference via a translator. “And it really seems strange to me because it seems that they don’t understand, they undermine their own nation.”

Putin said that he had respect for the Democrats opposition, but that they risked alienating Trump supporters.

“It limits the powers of the president who has been elected,” he said. “It means that they don’t have respect for those Americans who elected Donald Trump.”

All liberals seem to care about is that they are getting the person that they don’t like in trouble, not that they themselves are right…