You have to wonder what Democrats are really hiding about the riots that took place over the summer if they are going after a child like this.

Kyle  Rittenhouse was doing his best to defend himself and the people around him. Businesses were being looted and the property of innocent people was being set on fire. It was a complete nightmare.

Now, what the heck did they expect him to do? Sit there and play jacks with the people that were doing all of this? That being said, one of the things that Democrats always love is a good scapegoat. That’s what they are trying to get right now out of poor Kyle.

Kenosha County prosecutors want Kyle Rittenhouse arrested amid a flare-up over the location where Rittenhouse is now living as he awaits trial on murder charges.

Prosecutors also want Rittenhouse’s $2 million bail raised by $200,000, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to seven charges related to the deaths of two men during the riots that gripped Kenosha last summer.

The catalyst for the demand was that mail from the court sent to the Antioch, Illinois, address where Rittenhouse lived before having the national limelight put upon him was returned as undeliverable, with no forwarding address, prosecutors said.

The prosecution claims Rittenhouse violated the terms of his bail by not putting his address on the court’s forms.

Kenosha detectives went to the Antioch address and found someone else was living in the apartment where Rittenhouse and his mother had been living, prosecutors said, according to NPR.

Prosecutors also said they need to know Rittenhouse’s whereabouts at all times. Their filing did not address whether they knew his whereabouts, only that the form providing his address was not current.

They sought to paint Rittenhouse as a flight risk.

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