Prominent Pollster Declares “It’s ALL OVER!”

You have to wonder what gets into the head of people that constantly listen to people that get things completely and totally wrong.

Sure, it is one thing to be wrong once in a while, but if you are consistently incorrect about things you have to think that some of these people need to stop having people listen to them.

Just look at what is going on with pollsters. For decades people have likened them to a magic 8 ball, predicting everything with accuracy. Problem is, they have been so terribly off the mark lately it isn’t even funny.

In response to the inaccurate polls prior to Tuesday’s presidential election, leading Republican pollster Frank Luntz declared, “The political polling profession is done.”

Luntz made the comments to Axios on election night as races across the country were much tighter than the polls had predicted.

“It is devastating to my industry,” he said.

Axios said that people paid too much attention to the polls, “which have even more limitations than we realized.”

“It was a terrible night for polling,” the outlet said. “They were wrong, almost all of them, almost everywhere. Save yourself time and stop watching them so closely in elections.”

Other people tended to agree with Luntz’s gloomy outlook for his profession.

“Modern American polling is dead and modern American pollsters should find another vocation so they stop wasting all of our collective time and helping to gaslight the media and American public,” Meghan McCain tweeted.