Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church is suggesting that he wants to make a relatively significant change to a series of words that everyone of the Christian faith is familiar with; The Lord’s Prayer.

The Pontif has suggested that he wants to make a change to something that many are saying really does not need to be changed Specifically, he said in an interview on Wednesday that he would prefer to alter the phrasing of the passage “lead us not into temptation,” citing that it too strongly suggested that God leads people into sin.

“That is not a good translation,” the pope said, according to Reuters.

The phrase “do not let us fall into temptation,” which the Catholic Church in France has previously decided to use, would be a more appropriate alternative, Francis said.

He also stated that the phrase that is used by the French should then be put into practice by Catholics worldwide.

The prayer itself has had a very remarkable journey. It originated from the Savior’s language of Aramaric; it was then later translated to ancient Greek and then to Latin.

The pope also threw an opinion in on President Trump’s announcement the the United States now recognized Israel and would aim to move the embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Francis said he was “profoundly concerned” and appealed that “everyone respects the status quo of the city.”

It’s somewhat concerning that for what seems like forever that the words to this sacred prayer have essentially been left untouched only to have them changed now.

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  1. michael kinnis

    “και μη εισενεγκης ημας εις πειρασμον ,αλλα ρυσαι ειμαςαπο του πονηρου”

    I wonder WHO is leading this Pope into the temptation !!

    “It is our Lord’s prayer” and our way Padre ! Stick to yours and your Devils


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