PHOTOS of “Immoral” and “Racist” Walls Around the World

PHOTOS of “Immoral” and “Racist” Walls Around the World.

As President Trump continues to fight for the funding to secure America’s borders, democrats continue to stonewall him, calling the wall “immoral” and “racist”.

But, check out how many “immoral,” “racist” walls there are around the world…

1. Obama’s 10ft Wall

When the former President moved out of the White House he decided to stay nearby in Washington DC and constructed a 10ft wall around his new DC home.

2. The Vatican City Wall

The Vatican City is well known for its gigantuan wall. Pope Francis has continually blasted the enforcement of borders while the Vatican City stays completely walled off from Italy.

3. Israel’s Border Wall

Israel leads the way in border security, as its wall has stopped illegal immigration by 100%!

4. DNC Convention Security Fence

In 2016 the Democratic National Convention made sure to fence off protestors and Bernie Sanders supporters from getting near the event.

5. Hollywood Award Show Fence

The Hollywood elite, much of who support open borders, keep pedestrians and bystanders away with tall fences and lots of security. This is, of course, is for the celebrities’ safety.

6. Hillary Clinton’s Gated Home

Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York home is walled off from the public by a giant white fence that keeps people from being able to enter or peer inside.

7. Elizabeth Warren’s Gated Home

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has made it clear that she opposes border walls and barriers for America, but this didn’t keep her from living in a home with a barrier around it.

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