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A brazilian photographer captured some incredible images of an uncontacted indigenous tribe in a remote region of the Amazon rainforest. The photos will blow you away. Check this out

VIA| In 2008, photographs of an uncontacted indigenous tribe in a remote region of the Amazon rainforest provided definitive proof that, even in the hyper-connected modern world, there remain small communities of people living in complete isolation from what we call civilization. Now, new images of what experts believe to be the same group have revealed further details about their culture and way of life.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert captured the images from a helicopter while on a research trip in the state of Acre, located in western Brazil, close to the border with Peru. Originally published by National Geographic, the images provide a closer look at the tribespeople, revealing their intricate body paint, varied hairstyles, and weaponry.

José Carlos Meirelles, who is also taking part in the research, told National Geographic that although the tribe was spotted in a different location to that photographed in 2008, it is likely to be the same group of people, adding that they appear to be semi-nomadic, moving every four years or so.

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