Pelosi’s Democrats’ house is celebrating an achievement of their “grim milestone,” these liberals are jumping for joy…

Speaker Pelosi intends to strong-arm Americans into using their tax dollars to fund this life-ending procedure that Democrats once said should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Support for taxpayer-funded abortion has become a litmus test among Democrats of one’s adherence to the party’s new radical orthodoxy on the issue.

It is no longer enough for Democrats such as Speaker Pelosi to support a woman’s “right to choose.”

One thing is clear here, Democrats want American taxpayers to fund abortions.

Putting it into action will be hard but all they need in the Senate is a tie. The will of each and every Republican Senator can be broken by the predetermined vote of Kamala Harris.

They’re already halfway toward achieving their ultimate goal and they will unless conservatives get aggressive and meltdown Senators’ phone lines in response. Especially the ones of moderate DINOs like Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.

Americans should believe in the sanctity of life, that all human beings have equal dignity and worth because they are endowed with rights from our Creator. As a father and a grandfather, I value all life, including the unborn. My mom was a single mom to two little boys before she met my adopted dad. We were very poor, and we struggled, but my mom always figured out how to make ends meet. And she taught me the importance of always choosing life.

I want to make sure that expectant mothers facing difficult circumstances have the resources and support they need to carry their children to term.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Democrats seem to take that project as something to include in the pending infrastructure package.

Liberals in the House of Representatives have achieved their intentions of forcing American taxpayers to fund the murder of defenseless children. Pelosi and her cronies are terrified they might grow up to vote Republican.

As reported by The Hill and various other outlets, for “the first time in 45 years, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a spending bill funding Medicaid without the Hyde Amendment. For those who never heard of the Hyde Amendment, it “protects taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion.” Well, it used to.

In order for the Senate to protect conservative interests, they’re forced to reject the entire funding proposal which will snarl the government in financial knots, similar to what happens every time the debt ceiling gets raised instead of complied with.

Every pro-life group in America is outraged and they’re all condemning House Democrats for what’s being called the “grim milestone.” Denise Burke, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom insists that “government-compelled participation in abortion has no place in our country.

The Hyde Amendment has been included in the budget every year since it first went into effect in 1976, with the support of representatives from both sides of the aisle.”

No matter what the House of Representatives says, “the majority of Americans” Burke added, “oppose having their tax dollars pay for abortions, but President Biden and congressional Democrats insist on catering to the abortion industry instead of listening to the American people.”

There are facts and figures to back that statement up. A Marist poll was taken recently confirms that “most Americans (57 percent) either “oppose” or “strongly oppose” the idea of “using tax dollars to pay for a woman’s abortion.”

The baby killing provisions are tacked onto the House version of a spending bill covering “seven of the twelve annual appropriations bills” needed to “fund the government for the next fiscal year, which begins on October 1.”

Along with the Hyde Amendment, the Democrats canceled the “Weldon Amendment” which “prohibits agencies receiving federal funding from discriminating against entities because they refuse to provide or pay for abortions.”

To make things even worse, the progressives decided to use taxpayer money to fund the murder of babies in foreign countries too. Separately, on Wednesday night, “the Democratic-majority House also passed a bill to fund abortions in foreign countries with tax dollars, dropping the Helms Amendment from a State Department funding bill.”

According to the beltway analysts, that sort of overseas “abortion funding is even less popular with voters.” That Marist poll verifies that a full 77 percent of Americans “oppose” or “strongly oppose” “using tax dollars to support abortion in other countries.”

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