Nancy Pelosi is someone that just keeps on going too far. It makes no sense half of the stuff she is doing and the other half makes even less sense than that.

The people that listen to her and think that she is the greatest thing in the world are people I wouldn’t trust to fold a piece of paper in half as opposed to being third in line to be President.

Just take a look at what she is doing in the aftermath of what has happened to the capital.

Nervous Nancy Pelosi says she “will impeach Trump IMMEDIATELY” unless he resigns. Pelosi’s demand that Trump steps down came just after she revealed she’s trying to stop him from accessing nuclear codes following the patriots march on the US Capitol. This crazy old bat must want a civil war.

Pelosi is scared of President Trump

In a statement sent to colleagues, Pelosi cited former US President Richard Nixon’s resignation as she demanded Trump resign.

“Nearly fifty years ago, after years of enabling their rogue President, Republicans in Congress finally told President Nixon that it was time to go,” Pelosi wrote.

“Today, following the President’s dangerous and seditious acts, Republicans in Congress need to follow that example and call on Trump to depart his office immediately. If the President does not leave office imminently and willingly, the Congress will proceed with our action,” Pelosi vowed.

Pelosi’s promise came amid discussions from her and other members of Congress on impeaching Trump for a second time. Nervous Nancy continues pushing for her deep state coup, even in Trump’s final days at the White House.

Americans and members of Congress across the country have called for the president to step down, or for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment – a move that would forcibly oust Trump, and enrage his voters even further.

Pelosi’s vow to impeach Trump if he doesn’t resign followed just hours after the House Speaker said in a letter to other members of Congress that she asked for the president to be prevented from accessing nuclear codes over fears that he “may order a strike.” On who, or why he would do such a thing is unclear. These lefties are out of their minds.

“The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy,” Pelosi wrote on twitter.

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  1. Cecelia Henderson

    Too funny!! Nancy should know that there’s a process for getting rid of a President and the first thing needed is evidence of a crime. Threats and bullying don’t work, so she probably doesn’t have the “crime” and she certainly doesn’t have the people.

  2. Palladini

    DemocRats are delusional idiots, nothing but. I cringe when I see Pelosi on TV, she does not what the average American goes through every day and thinks her shit does not stink and that she is over every Americans Head. You folks in the USA should emailing and Calling You DemocRat folk in The Federal Government and tell them if they go through with this, they will loose their seats next election. Trump did not egg on those Protestors, nor did he do anything bad.


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