There are people that for whatever reason will always try to spoil a good time. We all have people we know that are like that.

They are the type of people that just can’t read a room and will always try to go for desperate measures to get attention. I used to see it all the time when I would go home on leave when I was in the military and much younger.

There would always be some fool that would want to hang out with folks despite everyone knowing that they are a total troublemaker. It’s sickening and it is what the Democratic Party is doing right now to President Trump.

The Garbage Party has made it clear that impeaching President Donald Trump is their lone strategy going into the 2020 election cycle, as evidenced by the fact that the extreme socialist Democrat Left has set the agenda by forcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand.

So we can forget the passage of the USMCA, which would replace that crappy trade “deal” NAFTA and benefit our country and our people for a change.

We can write off any hope that Americans will get relief from skyrocketing prescription drug prices (which, of course, is the direct result of too much BS federal regulatory interference in the first place). Ditto with ‘fixing’ rising healthcare prices.

Forget about border security; Democrat dirtbags want open borders anyway, so they’re fine with that. Terrorists included.

Infrastructure? Screw it. Democrats don’t give a damn if roads and bridges collapse.

No, they are laser-focused on impeachment now, and it doesn’t matter a bit that they haven’t got sh*t for evidence — which they discovered for reals on Wednesday after documents delivered to them from the intelligence community inspector general regarding “Ukraine” and Trump’s phone call with that country’s president produced a gigantic zero.

These idiot pricks are doing the same thing with this fake scandal as they did with the earlier fake scandals of “Russian collusion” and Spygate: They are creating a scandal then searching for evidence.

But they keep coming up empty because Donald Trump has turned out to be the second coming of George Washington — the most honest sum bitch to occupy the Oval Office in generations.

And oh, by the way, it’s long been known that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC did to Trump what they are now accusing Trump of doing.

Democrats in Congress are garbage, plain and simple. They are the enemies of America and they prove it daily.

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