ELDER PATRIOT – With the corrupt establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle sharpening their long knives for Donald Trump the few true patriots in Congress are moving to distance themselves from those working overtime to effect a coup against the peoples’ president.

House Conservatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) have drafted an amendment that would compel government cooperation with a congressional probe into Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and disgraced former F.B.I. Director Jim Comey’s activities.

If successful, this would trigger an official House Judiciary Committee investigation by compelling the production of documents and evidence from every government agency concerning Lynch’s order to Comey that amounted to obstruction of justice and that he “took” care of in a manner that accommodated Lynch” demand.

Lynch effectively ordered him to “mislead the American people by stating he should refer to the investigation into the mishandling of classified data and use of an unauthorized email server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a ‘matter,’ rather than a criminal ‘investigation.’”

 The amendment also seeks to force the cooperation of the Justice Department with the House investigation.  This would give beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions the “cover” necessary to do what President Trump has been calling for by mandating that Sessions order his DOJ to proceed with the investigation of the D.C. Sewer System that has effectively been working to protect Hillary Clinton and the rest of their guilty selves.

Sessions is a good guy and President Trump really does love and respect him but Session’s was appointed with a job to do and if he is being blackmailed or co-opted in some other way from doing it then this amendment forces him to carry out the investigation into all of the criminal activity that has marked the inside-the-beltway crowd since the Clintons first arrived in Washington.

At this point the D.C. Sewer System has gone into full panic attack mode attempting to have President Trump removed from office by any means possible including by impeachment and assassination.

If Trump has shown us one thing it’s that when it comes to representing the needs of America’s hardworking taxpayers Congress has been AWOL and they’ve been AWOL just about forever.  Even yesterday’s much ballyhooed show-vote only opened negotiations into fixing the healthcare debacle that they themselves caused in the first place.

And still, President Trump had to twist arms just to get the required 50 votes that allowed Vice President Pence to break the tie.

Let the U.N. or corporate-Globalists come calling and none of our wallets are safe from Congress.

That is why the true Congressional patriots, who are members of the much-maligned Freedom Caucus, have raised up to take the president’s back.  They realize that the movement that Trump is leading may very well be America’s last best chance to restore the Founders’ dream of a nation of free people.

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  1. James

    Hey have some respect and get rid of the crosshairs on our president.


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