Oregon is prepared to enact a law enabling all state insurers to pay for the costs of an abortion no matter the reasons, free of charge as if it is no big deal.

A long time ago, Democrats wished for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Now, that idea is “unregulated, on demand, and” — in the state of Oregon — “free.”

If a mother feels like she no longer wants her unborn daughter because she wanted a son instead, her insurer must cover it, no questions asked.

The majority of Oregon’s abortion clinics have virtually no supervision requiring no informed-consent laws, no waiting periods, and no parental-notification requirements for minors.

Oregon has proven to possess one of the most liberal abortion establishments in the country and the new bill is leading to mass extreme constitutional controversy.

Reported by ijr,

On the same day that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a measure that doesn’t require abortions to be covered by insurance, Oregon veered in exactly the opposite direction, solidifying it as “the most radically pro-abortion state in America.”

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill, dubbed the “free abortions for all” bill, requiring insurance companies to provide abortions on demand — which in Oregon can be obtained up to the day of delivery — for free and without any co-pay or deductible costs.

The bill increases the taxpayer money given for abortions — $500,000 — most of which will go to the state’s largest abortion operators, Planned Parenthood, according to an Oregon Right to Life spokeswoman. The bill covers all comers, including illegal aliens.

National Review reports that the bill says that any religious organization can only be exempted from the requirement if it’s “a nonprofit whose purpose is ‘the inculcation of religious values,’ and it must primarily employ and serve people who share the employer’s religious tenets.” [emphasis added]

By declaring the bill “an emergency,” lawmakers circumvented any efforts to put the measure to a vote and put the law immediately into effect.Abortions

An Oregon Right to Life spokeswoman told Independent Journal Review that in addition to using the emergency clause to immediately activate the bill and stop a voter initiative, the Democrats “parked the bill in the Ways and Means Committee and five days before the session was over, on July 5, passed it on a party-line vote.”

As LifeSiteNews reports, Oregon’s abortion laws are among the most liberal in the nation:

Oregon has the most permissive abortion laws in the nation, with no informed consent for women, no waiting for the major surgery of abortion, no parental consent or even parental notification for minors, no ambulance-ready requirements, and no basic safeguards required for all other surgical centers.

National Review editorialized that the Oregon law is especially “grisly”:

It does not exclude grisly late-term abortions (which take place long after the fetus can survive outside the womb), nor does it prohibit sex-selective abortions. If a woman wants to kill her unborn daughter because she wanted a son, her insurer has no choice but to cover that.

But there is much rejoicing by folks on the left who welcomed the expansion of abortion coverage, among them the American Civil Liberties Union, which usually advocates for equal rights:

“Logan” saw the expansion of abortion as a “great” thing:

And “Spindly Pete” saw the expansion as a way to sell the idea of state-controlled health care:

Matthew Butsch saw the law as yet another off-beat Oregon law:

And others couldn’t believe people were celebrating death:

This Twitter user noted the coverage of illegal aliens with the bill:

Oregon Right to Life is considering a legal challenge to the law, saying it does “enormous damage to people of conscience” in Oregon.

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