Things will go dicey when your actions are insane.

I mean, what Stefon Diggs just did to this crazy fan will surely make you feel satisfied.

In a video posted on Twitter, you can see a fan randomly run into the field and tried to snatch the football but instead, got a full hit body from Stefon Diggs.

Watch the video below:

He even knocked the shoes off the field invader indicates that Diggs had no time for the opposing fan’s antics of stealing the show so he just smashed the poor fan.

Some say that it was an epic moment when Stefon bodied the fan to the floor and some say it was surely deserved by the fan.

While the Chiefs fan was seen ever so briefly on the CBS broadcast of Sunday night’s thriller, with play-by-play man Jim Nantz and color analyst Tony Romo noting that Diggs appeared to take out his frustration with the game on the wayward fan. The Bills had possession of the ball during the fan’s unwelcome entrance, not long before the game escalated into a historic back-and-forth during the final minute of regulation and, eventually, the opening series of overtime.

This has already happened many times and many long ago, even former Colts linebacker Mike Curtis once famously lowered the boom on a fan who made his way onto the field, got the football, and tried to abscond with it.

He said, “I didn’t think it was a joke that I was working out there and a lot of the guys might think it was a joke to see a fan running out there. To me it was my job. . . . That guy broke a city ordinance, and I enforced it.”

If you were this fan, is this worth taking? Insane!

Source: DailyCaller

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