Before we get into details, let’s start by saying The Washington Post recently made a huge stink over the fact that Ivanka Trump and her husband are moving to a home within D.C. that is within walking distance of a synagogue. But don’t you think it’s a little more important to point out the fact that Obama is moving within feet of the largest Islamic Center in D.C.? Check this out:

VIA|  Washington Post:

The house is within close walking distance of TheShul at Chabad-Lubavitch Center. Although there is no official word on which particular synagogue the family attends as Modern Orthodox Jews the Trump-Kushner clan observe the Sabbath, a day of rest from Friday evening at sunset through Saturday evening during which the family refrain from work, using electronics and driving, among other restrictions. So having a synagogue within close walking distance to their home is an obvious must.

The Media however has not mentioned that the Obama’s new home in Washington D.C. will be within walking distance of the Islamic Center of Washington D.C.

Screenshots from Google Maps:


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