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The Obamas have spent the entire time in office making race-baiting comments and working hard to divide the country. They walk around with their fingers in their ears ignoring the wishes and issues of the American people, which is probably why they are oblivious to the fact that the woman they invited to join them at The White House, made incredibly racist comments about black men.

VIA| Now, let’s just state a fact right here: This woman does NOT have the Devil in her knees. Nor is the portrait of President Washington “displeased” with the photo. It is obviously a joke. But why are people so mad that at Lemieux for taking a picture with Obama anyway?

Here’s the full story:

It is because of  comments recently made about black men during a radio show Lemieux was a part of. Many found her and her co-guests comments to be offensive. Lemieux and the other guest supposedly claimed that black men were the “number 2 killer of black women“, a statistic that doesn’t appear to actually exist. “Domestic Violence” or any type of violence is not in the top-1o causes of death for Black women. Beyond that it resurrects a dangerous and racist stereotype that black men are inherently violent, especially towards women.

It is no wonder VibeHi and others on twitter reacted the way they did:
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