There it is, Obama has finally shown his true colors about how he views ‘white people’ that voted against him. Deep down we all know Obama is a racist and would love nothing more than hate and divide to plague the nation in some sort of sick attempt to get back at the ‘white folks’ who created it in the first place.

VIA| As part of a series of interviews with Ta-Nehisi Coates — one of the best, and most radical writers working today — Obama essentially cemented the liberal doctrine that the Republicans who fought him politically – and the Americans they represent – are racists at heart.

Obama didn’t come out and use the word, of course, but he didn’t have to. Any reader who managed to plow through Coates’ novella-length meditation in The Atlantic couldn’t help but make the connection.

Being Obama, of course, he had to pretend he was saying something else first.

During a discussion of Republican opposition to progressive plans like Obamacare, the president told Coates he had no doubt that some opposition to federal government overreach was based on real conservative principles.

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Do you think Obama is a racist?

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