Man Who Organized Racist Charlottesville Riots Has Frightening Link To Barack Obama

Man Who Organized Racist Charlottesville Riots Has Frightening Link To Barack Obama

Is it possible for a white supremacist to vote for a black politician?

Carol Newman | What about him voting for someone who is half black and half white like Barack Obama. Apparently this guy would be a horrible white supremacist. Would you say about a white supremacist that supported a black President?

So if I were to tell you that one of these so called “white is right” folks were actually an Obama supporter, you might want to know what was up with that. After all, it’s highly unlikely that a person could go from avid Obama supporter to neo-Nazi over the course of a year.

The person could be a die hard liberal and people would believe that he became a white supremacist almost immediately. Well, of course it might be easier to tell the truth. He would be a liberal plant in a pathetic effort to make whites look evil in an attempt to prove their point.

Of course, we know that liberals would never use underhanded methods to make themselves look better. However, they’re not looking too great after this news about the instigator of the recent Charlottesville riots came out. It would be bad enough if these were just well meaning but misguided whities who thought they were doing the world a favor by flaunting their ignorance but now the media has come out STRONG taking every opportunity to say that these modern day KKK members and neo-Nazi’s are basically President Trump’s best friends, despite what he has to say about it. Now it looks like the whole thing was a surgical political strike, played out before our eyes.

Jason Kessler was one of the organizers of the events. He was a Barack Obama supporter and staunch Democrat. All of the sudden, AFTER Trump’s election, he became a Neo-Nazi? This sounds rather bizarre.

What do you think about Jason Kessler? Do you believe that he is a white supremacist?

I believe he was a liberal plant who infiltrated the event in an effort to turn it violent to give the media a narrative and give the government more power over protests.