Democrats refuse to accept their loss to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election and therefore Obama has been undermining the new administration through use of a ‘shadow’ government.

Obama never had plans to relinquish his control over the country but instead use his polished politician in the form of Hillary Clinton to remain holding the reigns from the backseat. Unfortunately his fool proof plan was thwarted by the political ‘laughingstock’ known as Donald Trumps presidency campaign, a sad truth that liberals refuse to acknowledge. Therefore plan B for Obama comes in the form of a ‘shadow’ government consisting of current government officials still loyal to the Obama administration who are willing to defy America’s election process and cripple the nation by not allowing the necessary fluctuation needed to make a democracy work. It will never be only democrats or only republicans as that wouldn’t be a democracy, would it?

Now Obama has crossed the line even further by continuing to meddle in US foreign affairs without any permission to do so which is breaking federal law.

Via U Republican:

Obama seems to think he can continue to break the law and not face any consequences due to the influence he holds within the Justice Department. During his visit to South Korea, Obama made a public statement and called United States Presidency and Agenda “temporary”.

Obama’s “anti-Trump” agenda backfired on him and played perfectly into Trump’s hands, putting him in a strong position to push his “America First” policy.

Now, it appears that Obama really crossed the line by holding “secret meetings” with world leaders – which also happens to be a federal crime.

Government officials need to be dedicated to the American political system that has made our way of life what it is! If you don’t like the president, fine his control isn’t ever lasting, four years people, get over it!

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