Sometimes, when people tell the truth, it can be completed on accident.

I know several people who couldn’t tell the truth purposely if their lives depended on it but at the end of the day, they sometimes end up saying something truthful totally on accident.

Even the people that work at CNN will end up telling the truth every now and then.

I first learned of Van Jones from Glenn Beck and his famous chalk board.  Beck warned about Jones’ background and how he was a radical leftist with nefarious intent.  While Van Jones is definitely a radical leftist, he is not a bad person and the more I learn about him, the less I think his intentions are nefarious.

I have spoken with multiple conservative media personalities who have interacted with Van Jones and they say he is one of the most likable, tolerant and respectful lefties they have met.  Jones is a welcome breath of fresh air in a country where far too many on the left are not even willing to have a dialogue with conservatives, they would rather go straight to name calling, segregation and violence.

Van  Jones, on the other hand, has taken heat from the left for his willingness to engage with conservatives and try to talk to them about the issues.  While I disagree with almost all of his positions, it can not be said that Van Jones is anything other than a good man who does his best to remain intellectually honest.  Take this for example …

One of Biden’s propaganda outlets has been working overtime to highlight what they think are weaknesses from President Trump’s first 4 years in office.

With dozens of publicly known accomplishments, it is quite a task, even for the perpetual liars at CNN who did all they could to help, lying Adam Schiff, try to impeach the president over a phone call.

During the final debate, last Thursday, CNN Anchor Jake Tapper criticized Trump for remarks he made during the final debate Thursday when he said he has “done more” for black Americans than any other president with the “possible exception of Abraham Lincoln,” according to Fox News.

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