Wow. Another lefty double standard that the law enforcement will have to pay the consequences for. DC police were just given orders that they must keep their body cameras off them at all times on Inauguration Day. WOW. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all! Wtf is wrong with this guy. You’ve gotta see this.

VIA| Recently Washington DC officers had cameras added to their outfit, in order to keep a true report of what is happening on the job. You know, since leftist elites do nothing but lie about police officers wrongly attacking them, most of the time anyway.

Now They are asking officers to give up their only source of protection from liberal liars, and for what?


That’s easy. So they won’t be able to arrest morons out of fear the morons will file suit against them.

If police are caught carrying a camera during Inauguration Day protests they will be in some serious TROUBLE.

Liberal reporters state that it’s “against the law” for body cameras to be on and rolling while police are at protests.

There’s a catch, if the officer is required to take action, they can politely ask the perp to wait a second while they film the ordeal, just so the officer filming the arrest doesn’t get in trouble…right I’m sure that will go over well.

Not only is that completely moronic but, they will be unable to capture what led up to the arrest.

By now, America has had way too much experience with Black Lives Matter protests devolving into riots. Most of the time, the only helpful lead to determine the identities of criminal rioters is camera footage.

Starting to make sense now? These people want nothing more than to take Trump down, and they don’t want to get caught doing it.

It’s fairly standard practice for officers to have designated cameramen at protests so the department can not only show evidence of criminal activity, but the department can defend itself from false claims.

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  1. Robert Therrien

    Officers should talk to Donald Trump and his advisors so they can keep their camera’s on. If Obama does anything. President Trump can give every officer with a camera on amnesty for disobeying an insane order by an outgoing insane president. Camera’s should be placed all around to catch video of the ceremony and as soon as Mr. trump finishes his oath nothing Obama says or dictated will ever matter again. No soldier, civilian or police officer must follow an illegal order. Obama (if this is true) just issued an illegal order.


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