Notice Anything Unusual In This Photo of FL Airport Shooter? We Sure Did…

Take a close look at the thing around his neck. The truth behind the shooting may be a lot more horrifying than we initially thought.

Check it out:

VIA| Esteban Santiago, the man who has been identified as the Florida airport shooter, was ‘known to the FBI’.

In November, Santiago reportedly walked into an FBI office and told agents that he was being ‘forced to fight for ISIS’.

The police sent him to a mental hospital.

Whether they followed up with him is not yet clear.

Santiago’s brother told media yesterday that the shooter had been under psychological care for mental health issues.

There were also reports that the shooter got into altercations with passengers on the plane.

Is he mentally ill or connected to ISIS? Or mentally ill and connected to ISIS?

This picture raises more questions.


His attire and mannerism was raised on Fox.

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