There are very few things that you can really say that would surprise people about the North Korean government.

The fact that they are an extremely oppressive regime does not surprise anyone anymore. Heck, it’s almost a common fact that if you were considered a political dissident that they sent you and the next two or three generations of your family to a hard labor camp for the duration of their lives.

People wouldn’t necessarily expect a government to cause massive harm to its people but then again you have to look at the bigger picture in North Korea. Their whole system is set up to benefit a handful of people.

So when you have a head of state that will sell humanitarian aid on the black market to line his pockets and would strap one of his uncles to a rock and shoot him with a missile to execute him, there should be nothing that really surprises anyone about the Hermit Kingdom.

President Trump is making headlines over his tweet that the U.S. has a bigger nuclear button than North Korea.

Of course, liberals went insane, claiming Trump is going to lead the world to a nuclear war that causes a real-life Fallout scenario.

Well, there is reason to believe that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un may have just pushed his nuclear button, and it backfired big time.

This affirms that Trump does indeed have a bigger nuclear button that actually works as intended.

North Korea just conducted its third test of the Hwasong-12 IRBM. This missile is a precursor of longer-range weapons capable of reaching the U.S. The test was conducted back in April, and it is believed the test ended in utter failure as the missile did not explode in flight.

Instead, it exploded upon falling back into the earth and right within the vicinity of North Korea’s populated Tokchon city, located just two hours from Pyongyang.

It’s believed the missile may have damaged several buildings, potentially resulting in several civilian casualties. If the test did indeed cause a death toll, the exact number remains a mystery.

It was known by the rest of the world that the test failed, but it’s only now coming to light that the ballistic missile crashed back down into a populated zone.

According to satellite imagery, the missile was launched from Pukchang Airfield and flew approximately 24 miles northeast before a crash landing in an industrial area in Tokchon. If there were indeed casualties, the North Korean government is obviously not going to disclose it.

This revelation just goes to show the brutal regime that takes place under the iron fist of the double-chinned dictator. Yet, liberals find it proper to compare the likes of Jong Un to President Trump.

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