This must be heartbreaking for the child…

Sometimes it seems as if our world has collectively lost its way. People no longer stand by their word or even have basic manners anymore. Some even fail to show any kind of decency to small children, and it can be absolutely heartbreaking for both the child and the parents.

A mother has expressed her sadness after throwing a third birthday party for her daughter – but the youngster’s friends who were invited never showed up.

27-year-old Breanna Strong, a mom-of-three from Salt Lake City, Utah had organized a day of entertainment for her daughter Avery and her friends to enjoy with the celebrations taking place at KidsTopia Playground – a ‘jungle-themed indoor playground’ full of “Giant slides, ball pits, parkour, adventure bridges, and tunnels.”

In a TikTok video, Breanna showed off the party she’d planned for her daughter but didn’t expect that things would take a turn for the worse.

Breanna invited 27 children to her daughter’s party, but none of them showed up. She had planned a wholesome day for her daughter, Avery, to celebrate her birthday.

The image is honestly soul-crushing, especially for those of us who have kids of our own.

The quick 12-second clip shows a party room with tables set for a pizza party. The somber music lets the viewer know immediately that the party didn’t end up being what Breanna and Avery expected.

There isn’t a mom out there who doesn’t want to give their child the world. And of course, we want that world to love our kids. It’s clear that is all Breanna wanted for Avery, but for whatever reason, people didn’t make it to the party that day, and it hurt. It hurt a lot.

Breanna showed a clip of herself in her car with the words, “Literally going to go home and snuggle my babies.” We can feel this in our souls, momma.

“I created my own invitation and sent it to multiple friends, with responses of, ‘We will be there,’ ‘Can’t wait, the kids will be so excited,’ etc.,” she recalled to “I even created a Facebook event. I invited 13 different families, with 27 children amongst them all. The day before her birthday party there were seven families who had RSVP’d saying they were coming. I was accounting for 13 kids to come.”

Although Breanna did everything right to make sure people remembered her daughter’s third birthday party, no one showed up on the day of the event. That was a total slap in the face for both mom and daughter. Mom had spent money paying for the party and three-year-old Avery had been looking forward to partying with her friends and acquaintances.

Sadly, Breanna and Avery are not alone. The video has racked up 5.9 million views so far, and the TikTok world has supported Breanna and Avery, with some people sharing their own experiences in similar situations. It’s hard to think about, but this little family isn’t alone.

“This happened to one of my daughters Now I make sure we show up to everyone’s party we are invited to. I never want to see that pain for any child,” one mom commented.

“Oh bless you that happened to both my girls 5 + 6 years at the time shared party, so upsetting, feel for you xx,” another person commented.

Some moms have shared that they make these kinds of things a priority so no child feels this way. “We go to every party we are invited to if we can. Most importantly if we rsvp Yes, we go. You don’t back out unless emergencies.”

“That’s why we ALWAYS go when we are invited x,” another person shared.

Thankfully, little Avery is blissfully unaware of what happened. Breanna commented that Avery was OK. She’s the one taking it so hard.

“She got everything she wanted. Pizza, frozen cake and jungle gym. She didn’t know any different rather than having fun. Just shattered my heart,” Breanna commented.

There isn’t a parent in the world who wouldn’t feel the same way.

Watch the heartbreaking video below:


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