Nikki Haley has given some amazing speeches as the American ambassador to the United Nations and it’s a shame that more people haven’t seen her in action.

If you were to look up the words “pulls no punches” in a dictionary you would see three or four people minimum from the Trump Administration vying for their spot next to that word.

Nikki Haley would be at the top of the list because as opposed to standing in front of Congress or a Senate committee and saying that something isn’t right, she is standing before the world saying that something isn’t right.

She is one of those people that will stop at nothing to get the point across that the United States is not one to be messed around with anymore.

United States U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is gaining more and more support for standing up for American values against the UN.

Many fans want Haley to be the first woman President in 2024, after President Trump’s 2nd term of course.

Her speech against the Iranian Government shows exactly why people feel this way.

“The world should applaud their courage.”

“The voices of the Iranian people should be heard. We have debated the proper role of human rights in the Security Council.”

“Some of our colleagues believe that human rights have no place here. They believe human rights and fundamental freedoms are the business only of the governments that control them,” said Haley.

“The United States does not share that belief. Human rights are not the gift of governments.”

“They are the inalienable right of the people themselves. Freedom and human dignity cannot be separated from peace and security. When the rights of the people are denied, the people rightly resist.”

“If the concerns are not acknowledged, then peace and security are inevitably threatened,” she said.

“Today the people of Iran are speaking to their government, and their message is undeniable: Stop the support for terrorism. Stop giving billions of our money to killers and dictators. Stop taking our wealth and spending it on foreign fighters and proxy wars. Think of us,” she said.

 “They are acting of their own will, on their own behalf, for their own future.”
Nothing will stop Americans from standing in solidarity with them. And let there be no doubt whatsoever: the United States stands unapologetically with those in Iran who seek freedom for themselves, prosperity for their families, and dignity for their nation,” said Haley. Check out the video below.

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