The NFL certainly has a lot of bad apples that are maligning the reputation of a few otherwise good people. It’s not all anthem kneelers, and there are still some people in the NFL that take pride in their country and their faith.

Carson Wentz may be out for the season but he is one of those people that from everything that you see does whatever he can to make a positive impact on the world around him. Put it to you this way, you don’t exacly have to worry about him beating his wife in the elevator of a casino.

A fan-favorite beloved quarterback may be out for the season, but he’s not out of the spotlight just yet. His team is about to make waves in the playoffs, and he’s making a splash on Twitter with his latest Tweet that set the Internet on fire.

The Eagles’ Carson Wentz blew up social media this week, and we couldn’t be more happy to report on it. He’s taken a knee in the past, but not for the same reason that Colin Kaepernick did when he protested and disrespected Americans. Carson Wentz is very different, respectful, and Americans love him.

One single Tweet was all it took for Wentz to blaze trails on social media and ignite a firestorm of Tweets, but most of the Tweets were in support of him. There were a few posts by social justice warriors who were then silenced by megaton bombs going off in their mentions and people giving them clues about how life works.

Carson Wentz only takes a knee to one person, and that’s Jesus. His other hobby is hunting, and he has no problem sharing his passion with the world. The Twitter post that sparked controversy was when he posted a fun “happy birthday” message to his dog. His dog is his sidekick in hunting.

The picture included on the Tweet displayed the dog and numerous geese who fell victim to a spry hunter, just like Wentz’s opponents fell victim to his laser focus passing and eloquent work behind the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. It was a very fun, classy, and all-American post that received over 20,000 “likes,” but there were still a few who couldn’t believe what Wentz just did.

One Twitter user pointed out that Carson Wentz’s post might offend people. Carson Wentz responded with one of the absolute classy replies I have ever read on social media. Wentz’s response was more epic than Randal Cunningham’s 90-yard punt.

And of course, you know what happens on social media right? The comment section went wild. Wentz fans came out of the woodworks to support their quarterback, one of the more elegant gems in a downtrodden NFL, and critics were hushed faster than a yardstick wielding Nun telling a class of chattering children to be quiet.

Carson Wentz wished his dog/hunting buddy, Mama Henley, a happy fifth birthday. He posted the picture of Mama Henley standing about a pile of hunted geese and also a photograph of the dog as a puppy.

Everything was great. It was a nice message devoid of any political nonsense. It was just a strong and kind all-American post that many people loved. Except this person named “Steve Beef” who tried to be prissy and mansplain that Wentz’s post might be offensive to people.

Carson Wentz replied with absolute grace in the firmest fashion possible, putting both cleats down upon the next of his adversary. Wentz put Beef in its place and it was brilliant.

Talk about being high class, firm, and reliable when it comes to standing your ground and allowing yourself to remain resilient. It’s just like what he does on the field! Wentz is cool, calm, and collected. If this were the Super Bowl, then Wentz would’ve just thrown a bomb that sealed the victory for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unfortunately, he’s out for the season, but he can still be the MVP of Twitter for a day.

When it comes to class and quarterbacks, then Carson Wentz is on the top of the list. He’s a stand up awesome guy on the field and off. Quarterbacks need to be recognized as leaders who are strong, firm, and lead by example. Wentz does that and his fans are more than excited to support someone who’s such a class act.

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