If everything is racist, then nothing is racist than the woke crowd who strikes again.  A perfect example is the latest idiotic move by a De Blasio-appointed commission overseeing statutes:

The NYC Public Design Committee has branded a famous 80-year-old statue of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt “racist,” after it was featured in the movie “Night at the Museum.” When historical figures in the museum came to life, actors Robin Williams and Ben Stiller made going to the museum fun.

According to the Daily Mail, The statue has been outside the New York City Museum of Natural History for 80 years but will be removed for “racism complaints.”

The Museum of Natural History has long been associated with Roosevelt.

His father was one of the museum’s founders, and more recently, in the 2006 film ‘Night at the Museum,’ which was set in the AMNH, Williams portrayed the president as a wax statue.

The bronze statue, which was constructed in 1940, will be donated to a yet-to-be-determined cultural organization dedicated to Roosevelt’s life and legacy, according to the New York Times.

In recent years, Roosevelt’s legacy has been cast in a new light with his support for eugenics thrust into the spotlight when anti-racism rallies swept the country in the aftermath of the assassination of George Floyd.

The New York City Public Design Commission, chaired by Mayor Bill de Blasio, overwhelmingly voted to dismantle and relocate the beloved statue. Consider how many children have visited the Natural History Museum after seeing the “Night at the Museum” movies only to discover that the Teddy Roosevelt statue has been removed. There hasn’t been any word on where the statue will go, but the museum has suffered a setback.

The outraged believe the statue symbolizes a hierarchy, with Roosevelt positioned over the other two figures, the main issue is that the statue shows Roosevelt on horseback with a Native American man and an African man flanking the horse.

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