Every year when I was a kid, from the time I was about eight until I was maybe seventeen, my parents would take me and my sister on a vacation that would last about a week.

Every day there would be something cool that we would end up doing but there was one catch. Before we left on the trip, each of us would make a list of about six things that we would want to do. My parents would pick a couple of things from each of our lists. They did this to give us a good time, while at the same time try to teach us that you can’t always get everything you want at once.

Now, if Joe Biden was my parents in this scenario, he would rip up the lists in front of us and then set them on fire.

Yes, Joe, things CAN be done quickly in Congress. For years people didn’t believe it. Then a businessman, Trump, was elected. He opened eyes to what can be done. Trump ran because of you, Joe. What about that money?

The government has businesses across the nation shut down from COVID and you’ve just added to the problem by thousands of jobs. If you want to punish Trump supporters though, you’re probably on the right track.

We’re back to the old “politicians only make promises to get elected”. Those promises are discarded once they’re sworn in.

Joe Biden promised, especially in Georgia, that electing fellow Democrats would mean those checks would go out that much sooner. Well, Dominion was used in that state so it stands to reason Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance.

He’ll get more frail daily over the next four years. Or would that be Pelosi’s cue to use the 25th Amendment on him?

It’s been over a month since Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were elected. You’ve had time to write at least 50 executive orders. So what’s the hold up?

But that’s expected. Joe even said if the Georgia Democrat candidates lost to the Republicans, the checks would “never get there”. Former Ohio Senator Nina Turner tweeted out as a reminder, “It’s been 42 days since we installed a new Congress. It’s time the American People got their $2,000 checks,”

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