Today has been a crazy day, and it just got a Hell of a lot crazier. Remember how President Trump announced that he does NOT have any tapes of James Comey? Well, it does not end there.

Look who Daily Mail just spotted walking into the New York Times office in Manhattan, dark sunglasses and all…

It was disgraced FBI Director James Comey and his wife Patrice.

Source: Daily Mail

This cannot be good. The last time Comey showed up at the New York Times office, we ended up with a public hearing and the appointment of Comey’s BFF, Mueller, as the Special Investigator of Russian election fraud.

According to the Daily Mail, who managed to find this story in a show of excellent journalism, both Comey and his wife attempted to stay “low-profile” while onlookers were STUNNED.

So, we can assume Comey showed up at the Times for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. He is about to leak even more stuff

  2. He wants the material that he leaked back before he gets in trouble for taking FBI property

Regardless, when Comey is involved, you know everyone is gonna suffer. Oh well, I’m sure Trump can handle it.

Help get this news out everywhere and tell James Comey to “Go Away!”

Source: Daily Mail

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