If you ever want to know how something came up be, you just have to follow the money. One simple way to look at it is if you are finishing a dinner out and the check is paid for when you get back from the restroom, look for the guy at your table with the wallet.

When it comes to elections, you have to look for the people with the means to get e word out about anyone subject. This leads us to Facebook…

Facebook has been doing everything that they can to skew this election in favor of Joe Biden. We all know that. Hopefully, some people taking action will make sure this never happens again.

Voters in battleground states filed four federal lawsuits on Thursday (September 24th) , seeking to bar city governments from using funds donated by Zuckerberg toward voting initiatives in Democrat strongholds.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently donated $250 million to the Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL), a non-profit that claims to be nonpartisan, despite allegations of strong ties with progressive organizations. In the announcement of the donation, the CTCL stated it would “regrant” the funds to city governments in an effort to support them with election processes during COVID-19 concerns.

 In this effort to get out the vote, the CTCL has donated nearly $26 million to 12 different cities in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Each state swung in Trump’s favor in the 2016 election, but each city receiving CTCL and Zuckerberg’s funds voted overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary Clinton.

These grants raise concerns about election integrity and the involvement of private parties in election processes.

Named defendants include all 12 cities that have received grants from the CTCL:

-Wisconsin: Green Bay City, Kenosha City, Madison City, Milwaukee City, and Racine City

-Pennsylvania: Philadelphia City, Delaware County

-Michigan: Wayne County (Detroit), Flint City, East Lansing, Lansing

-Minnesota: Minneapolis City

The lawsuits argue that the use of these funds by city governments “favor(s) a certain class of voters over another” precisely because the funds are being sent exclusively to those jurisdictions which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.