The customer may not always be right, but there certainly are times where you cannot doubt that a retailer is sure as heck as wrong. There are people that believe it or not have this feeling that they should never ask for a refund of any kind of good or service.

I say the heck with that, if something isn’t right you need to speak up. If something is horrifically bad, it is almost your duty as a consumer to use your wanting your dollar back to let the seller know that they messed up.

For example, and this is something I have only done twice in my life where I asked for a refund from a movie simply because it was terrible. I was about twenty minutes into a film when it became apparent that this movie was going to be plain awful. I walked up to the ticket counter and surprisingly they gave me my money back.

Asking for a refund if you’re a customer, a buyer, a shopper, a purchaser or a subscriber, is as American as “apple pie” especially if you’re unhappy with the way the product or service is performing.

A recently proposed Indiana consumer law, if enacted will give those football ticket holders in the state the opportunity to ask for refunds, which will no doubt have both the owners and the Colts players deciding whether to continue taking a knee protesting our National Anthem or forking over perhaps big bucks to fans angered by the continued disrespectful antics of million dollar athletes.

Republican Rep. Milo Smith told the Indianapolis Star, that the idea for the bill came to him as he was sitting in the stands and witnessed the anger exhibited by the fans around him as Colts players took a knee protesting the National Anthem at a home game in September, describing the disturbing antics as something that “didn’t sit right with me.”

Smith continued: “To me when they take a knee during the National Anthem, it’s not respecting the National Anthem or our country,” Smith explained. “Our government isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best country in the world and I think we need to be respectful of it.”

According to Fox News; “Smith explained his proposed bill wouldn’t be breaking any laws as it wouldn’t stop players from kneeling, but would require the Colts to refund fans who wanted their money back.

He also explained it wouldn’t require the team to refund sports fans if members of the opposing team were to kneel during The Star-Spangled Banner.”

On October 8th, Vice President Mike Pence, a native and former Governor of Indiana, experienced the same situation as Congressmen Smith did, witnessing disrespectful players taking a knee at the playing of our National Anthem, after the Anthem ended the Vice President immediately walked out of the Colts-49ers game, as a silent protest of his own.

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