I have never been in the same area as someone that has died under tragic circumstances. I’m not talking about someone that has passed from illness, I have been present for that and it is never fun.

I’m more or less talking about someone that has died under violent circumstances. Someone that has been shot or in a car accident or something like that. I cannot imagine going out like that.

I also cannot imagine having that particularly grisly of a death talked about on the news and the video of my body falling to the ground over and over.

The chaotic moments inside the US Capitol just before a police officer shot and killed a California woman during the riot earlier this month are detailed in a recently unsealed criminal complaint against a Texas man who attended the siege.

In the complaint, federal authorities write suspect Christopher Grider was with the mob of Donald Trump supporters on Jan. 6 as they approached the Speaker’s Lobby from the rotunda of the Capitol building.

The article goes on to state the following:

Grider was captured on video holding up a black helmet, near a man who was wearing a fur-lined hat and attempting to break a window that separated the mob from the House chambers, according to the complaint.

The report explains that Grider gave the helmet to the other man, who used it to break the glass window, then Babbitt hopped up to jump through the broken window into the Capitol and was shot by police inside. Grider is seen in video after the shooting leaning over the railing to look at Babbitt lying on the floor.

Grider, who was indicted by federal prosecutors on Wednesday, faces multiple charges for his alleged role in the riot, and is set to appear in federal court in Texas Wednesday afternoon.

CLICK HERE to read the full criminal complaint against Christopher Grider.

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