The Trump administration is dealing with pressure to ultimately rule out a longstanding request by Iran to purchase 950 tons of natural uranium. Tehran has shown that it will petition again for the natural uranium next week at a quarterly meeting in Vienna.

The Obama administration allegedly approved the Iranian request in its few final weeks. Luckily it was blocked by the United Kingdom. Iran has indicated that it will reissue the request, setting up a key test for the Trump administration, which has placed the nuclear deal under a comprehensive review.

Trump officials indicated that the administration has not yet decided whether it will repeal the Obama-era decision and disallow Iran from importing the natural uranium.

“I would certainly hope we would use all our leverage to prevent such a purchase by Iran,” one senior White House official said.

“We do not comment on the deliberations of the Joint Commission, as has been agreed to by all participating parties.”

The proposal is gaining resistance from Congress, with Florida senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is contacting the Trump administration to eliminate any possibility of approval.

“The Iranian regime remains an illegitimate nuclear actor, with international inspectors still unable to conclusively verify the absence of undeclared nuclear activities in Iran,” he told. “Vetoing Iran’s proposal to buy 950 tons of uranium yellowcake from Kazakhstan should be a no-brainer. Iran does not need this nuclear material, which far exceeds its needs and could someday be further enriched for the purposes of nuclear weapons.”

The Iranian petition is something that would seem easy to say no to. The problem is anti-interventionists will complain about how we’d get involved by saying no. Others would have legitimate concerns about the safety of Israelis and Americans. Natural uranium isn’t something to be taken lightly and Iran isn’t asking a little bit.

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  1. Alan McCloud

    Obama was a stupid son of a bitch , nobody in their right mind would send Iran 950 tons of urainium. This shows you how stupid liberals are ! While you at it why don’t send some urainium to North Korea too. Liberals
    must be the most ignorant people on the planet

      • Helen

        Hell, she SOLD over 25% of our uranium producing land to Russia thru her Uranium one scheme!

    • Brian P Kirby

      No he was and is an absolute evil socialist traitor bent on the destruction of our country!!! Arrest his ass don’t stop until you get Soros and the Clintons as well!!!

      • Reg Kirby

        Where did your family originate?………….Reg (Will) Kirby UK.

    • Brackley kicklighter

      Don’t sell him short he is very intelligent he’s a Muslim and a traitor to our country probably helped Islam more than anyone in history of mankind

    • a view from street level

      I wonder how much Obama got for the sale and now that we know for sure that Obama was not born in the USA we should keep the $4000000 he is supposed to gets a retirement pay and apply it to the wall. Obama is a lying crook just like Hillary and needs to go to jail

    • Jamie Jansen

      Obama wanted to satisfy his payoff from the Iran deal…..He has to catch up with Bill Clinton in their money grabs. Obama is behind Hillary too……

    • Marie Strickland

      Well, they don’t say how much Obama was likely paid for this gift!!!

    • Guy Ellison

      One Muslim supporting millions of them. Obama is a muslim, a criminal and a traitor to the American people. There is a spot reserved in hell for him along with his 72 virgin goats..

    • Ernest Houle

      I think saying Obama was stupid, is an understatement. We know he had ties to Iran when he was flopping around in the middle east as a student. My opinion is, he knew exactly what he was doing to further the cause of Muslims, not America.

    • Beth

      You hit that on the nose. Literally they are idiots with no brain cells.

  2. Walter Euler Sr

    Why would any normal thinking person give ammunition to his enemy who wants to dominate and possibly even kill him? How moronic can this be? It is hardly easy any more to comprehend how many humans must be born half-brained and can not think for themselves. It could also be that their mothers threw away the baby and then raised the afterbirth instead. either way, it sucks big time.

    • Barbara

      Nah, the best part of a Liberal ran down their mother’s leg. We should get rid of all of them. They are too stupid for words.

    • a view from street level

      hillary is the afterbirth that only grows in libratard land

      • robert dennis

        does the anti-Christ have to be a man, look at what Hillary//Killary has done and what she is doing now.

  3. Warren

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  4. Max


  5. Maidos Laventie

    And let Australia know they are not to sell any to them either as the muslim lover will sell his wife’s knickers if he thought he could get a cent for them. And we have the largest source of uranium in the world, which we are selling to everyone and anybody.

  6. Tom D

    I would send it. Inside a variety of missiles as nuke war heads to all Irans major cities. Look up ass holes. That bomb you see is the last thing you will ever see or feel. Feel the heat as you melt into the sand.

  7. fpc

    it is becoming clear that obama did everything he can think of to sabotage, bring disorder and destroy america. this agreement to provide uranium to iran for their nuclear bomb development is the latest in the list of questionable and harmful arrangements and deals he covertly arranged that is now coming out in the open. the 150 billion dollar largesse and a planeload of currency he gave iran are examples of the horrible acts he did while he was president.


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