Muslim Teen Murders Mother For Being ‘Americanized’ By Throwing He From 2nd Story Window

Once again the mainstream media refuses to properly cover stories regarding Muslims murdering Americans, such is the case surrounding the death of Nada Huranieh.

An American Muslim who migrated here in 1999 from Syria with her husband and three children was recently found dead after presumably falling out of a second story window. Nada Huranieh was in the middle of divorce proceedings with her estranged husband as he considered her to be over ‘Americanized’ and therefore kicked her down a flight of stairs. Although the husband is not considered a suspect as he had already been removed from the home with a court restraining order, the son is. 17-year-old Muhammad Altantawi is being tried as an adult for allowing himself to be persuaded by his father and locals Imam to not only spy and collect non Islamic evidence against her and then ultimately push her out a window.

Nada Huranieh


Huranieh, 35, died Aug. 21 from injuries suffered in a fall from a second-floor window of the seven-bedroom home on Howard Road in Farmington Hills. Authorities said she was found on her patio by her 14-year-old daughter, who called police to report Huranieh was not breathing.

The death was ruled a homicide following an autopsy, and her son, Muhammad Altantawi, is charged as an adult with second-degree murder. He is being held in Oakland County Children’s Village without bond.

“My client has expressed his innocence and said he had nothing to do with his mother’s death and is looking forward to being cleared in the legal process,” said the teen’s attorney, David J. Kramer, who declined further comment.

But court records and people familiar with the family reveal stress inside the home that predated the death, with Muhammad Altantawi being placed “in the middle” of adult issues, including allegations of domestic violence, a parental split and Medicaid fraud charges against his father, a Canton-based physician.

Nada Huranieh and Bassel Altantawi, who wed in Syria in 1999 and had three children, were in the midst of a divorce; both were scheduled to give depositions the week she died.

An ex-attorney for Nada Huranieh, Carolyn Markowitz, said the son expressed anger toward his mother and frequently slipped away to meet his father, who was ordered out of their Farmington Hills home following an incident in which he was accused of throwing his wife down a flight of stairs on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

If Islam is such a ‘peaceful’ religion than why are its followers capable of this kind of violence at a young age and against family members? Furthermore why are liberals and the mainstream media refusing to properly cover these kinds of criminal activity here on American soil?