MUSLIM TERRORISTS MURDER 30 Christians In Horrific Attack!

People might think that despite how advanced we feel our society is, we are still very in the Stone Age when it comes to religious persecution of Christians.

It’s hard to think of any one religious group of any kind that gets pushed around as much as Christians do to this day.

Think about it for a minute. When do you hear of any other religious group being beheaded solely because of the way that they pray and who they pray to?

It’s been Christians and it has been for thousands of years. Go to some countries and if you get caught reading a Bible in public you can be sent to prison for the rest of your life while they conveniently forget about the trial.

It continues on and gets even more violent as people go to extremes to wipe Christians out in the harshest ways possible.

Over 30 Nigerian Christians were killed in a brutal early morning attack by radical Islamic Fulani herdsmen, who have been systematically targeting believers living on lands the extremists claim to be their territory.

The Guardian reports that the deadly assault occurred at around 4 a.m. near the town of Maro, in Kajuru County of Kaduna state, where the attackers set fire to several buildings, including homes and churches. The extremists shot civilians with rifles as they fled the burning establishments.

A member of local church Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) told Morning Star News that members “ran out of the church building as the shooting was going on.” She added, “Many have been killed, and I have not seen my family members since morning. I have escaped out of the area.”

Some villagers and local policemen tried to resist the radical Muslim assault but were forced to retreat as the attackers overwhelmed them by sheer numbers and firepower.

Kaduna’s local state government condemned the attack in a statement from Samuel Aruwan, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor.