Muslims have radical plans to annihilate anyone outside of Sharia Law.

Islam is the one religion that refuses to accept that the world has multiple beliefs. If you aren’t praising Allah and abiding by Sharia Law, then assimilation or murder is how you will be dealt with according to the Quran. Recently four Muslims from Lebanon were arrested in Sydney, Australia after it was discovered that they were plotting to bomb a commercial airliner full of non Muslim passengers in order to punish them for not being Muslim.

Via Silence is Constant:

Four members of the same family are under arrest for plotting to kill innocent civilians in a series of bombings. Two father and son teams planned to kill using several methods, including a bomb that would bring down a commercial plane.

The family of Islamic extremists are from Lebanon, but had settled in Sydney, Australia. Although we know the four were actually two father-and-son teams, it is unclear what the relationship is between one father and the other.

The entire planned terror bombing plot is not yet known, but it appears to involve several attacks aboard commercial airplanes leaving Sydney. The men reportedly planned to set off a gas bomb aboard a plane, killing the passengers. The men would then bring down the plane with an explosive device. Authorities say the men were inspired by ISIS.

Radical islamists are turning up in every corner of the world and total annihilation and domination is the ultimate goal. America needs to embrace President Trump’s immigration ban before something like this happens in the US.

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