Democrats are being proven wrong left and right.

Liberals were so upset about President Trump’s attempted immigration ban that they went against his wishes and approved Visas that were already denied. New York senator Chuck Schumer allowed a Muslim man who blamed Trumps ban for his Visa denial into the country anyway. Now that same Muslim is being convicted for felony sexual abuse against a minor.

Via US Herald:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer who just weeks ago was patting himself on the back for intervening in a visa dispute that allowed an Indian Muslim into the country to participate in the World Snowshoe Championship in his state.

Indian athlete, Tanveer Hussain, claimed the temporary travel ban imposed by President Trump’s Executive Order of February 27 had prevented him from entering the country to compete in the championships in Saranac Lake, New York, however Hussain and his coach were actually denied entry visas ten days before the EO was issued and already in the U.S. when the order went into effect.

In fact, India was not among the seven countries named in the order that limited travel into the U.S.

Still, Hussain had been denied a visa until Schumer’s office contacted the American Embassy in New Delhi, which then reversed its decision and granted the athlete entry.

Police records allege that Hussain “engaged in a passionate kiss with a 12-year-old girl and there was touching in an “intimate area over the clothes.”

Police Chief Charles A. Potthast Jr. said the assault took place when Hussain was playing pool with some young people at the inn where he was staying.

Once again liberlas are to blame for a crime that should never have occurred.

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  1. Badrooster

    Not to worry my fellow American Patriots. My belief is that Chuck Schumer will get his day of reckoning as well very soon. He has done everything that can be done with his liberal and criminal cronies to try and have our president removed. But everything that he and his fellow crooks do just blows up in their faces. Yes Mr. Schumer you will have to pay the piper for your song of injustice to our president and to the American people that steadfastly support President Trump. If I were you sir, I would be very scared of what awaits you in the very near future. It’s called Karma.


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